Sag’s Multi

I participated the first time in a language competition. Sag’s Multi is a multilingual speech competition in Austria for people whose first language is not german.
I am a shy person, but I decided to take part there. I always loved to challenge myself.

Most of the time I was silent. Not because I was scared to say something, I was scared to get in trouble. People insulted me many times because of my skin color. But I never said anything.
Sag’s Multi was a chance for me to tell my opinion, to share my thoughts, to tell someone it’s not right how people treat other human beings just because they’re “different”.

I put my sadness and anger into words. The outcome is my speech.
The regionalround took place in Upper Austria. It was a long train ride to Linz. But it payed off, because I got into the finalround!!

This week I had my last speech in Vienna. I’m so happy to have it behind me.
There’s an article about me in the NÖN (Niederösterreichische Nachrichten) So cool! 🙂

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    10. March 2016 at 6:52 AM

    You’re amazing! :O congratulations!! Spread your good though all over the world! “spread love”

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